Our Philosophy


We provide a philosophy that includes a warm, safe environment that will support and complement the care that your child receives at home. We strongly believe that on-going communication between our staff and parents is the key to our strong home/child care partnership. Parents are primarily responsible for the care and education of their children, but while at Montrose, part of this responsibility is shared with our child care staff. We provide a diverse program that recognizes that each child is unique, with individual strengths. We value the contribution each family and staff member brings to our centre through their race, ethnicity, sex, religion, age, national origin, ability, sexual orientation, gender or family status.



At Montrose, we offer experiences and challenges that enhance the whole child in a bias-free setting. Children learn through their play by exploring environments that have been organized and structured by well trained staff to enhance the social, cognitive, creative, emotional and physical development of the growing child.



The social dimension focuses on the child's interactions with adults and children through planned and spontaneous activities, turn-taking, cooperation and exposure to cultures, languages or abilities that may be different than their own.



The cognitive dimension is addressed through planned and spontaneous activities that emphasize language development, communication styles and skills and conceptual problem-solving abilities.



The creative dimension is fostered through expression and exploration of art materials, music, movement and imaginative play.



The emotional dimension seeks to develop a positive self-esteem, a sense of trust, independence, individual-responsibiltiy and happiness through interactions with peers and adults.



The physical dimension is addressed through activities and environments designed to develop large and small motor skills, as well as safety, nutrition, hygiene and daily care routines.