More parent testimonials 


"I once noticed a staff member peeking from one room to the next, as a parent might, just to make sure a little boy was making a smooth transition on his first full day as a toddler. It's that personal connection, caring and commitment that makes me feel secure leaving my child.

I appreciate that staff enjoy their work. It's wonderful to see staff members laughing together, and with children, and genuinely enjoying the funny things that happen. It's fantastic that so many staff have been with the centre for so long.


As a fellow teacher I know that when experiences with groups of children appear easy, you can be sure that there has been a great deal of thought and planning behind the scenes. I appreciate the careful and purposeful work that goes into making the children's day run smoothly".

                                                                   - G.N.


"We are so happy that our children go to the Montrose Daycare. They run into the building every morning and it often difficult to take them home in the evening as they are so engaged in activities at daycare and do not want to leave. The staff provide such a happy and friendly atmosphere and do a fantastic job providing a variety of stimulating activities each day to help develop the children. As parents it so reassuring to know our children are in such a caring and nurturing environment each day".

                                                                                                  - D.M.

"I have been very fortunate to have found such an amazing and supportive child care team for my son. The staff always put incredible effort into providing my son with the supports he needs to handle any situation in a respectful way. They have contributed greatly to him developing into a happy, thoughtful, caring and respectful person".



"The Montrose Child Care Centre has become a second family for our children - filled with staff who care about my kids’ well-being and go out of their way to make those small accommodations which ensure the kids feel valued and acknowledged. At almost every moment, my children have been pleased to go to daycare to see their friends as well as to be the recipients of a stream of thoughtful programming and affection. Even more than that, the staff have consistently supported my children’s development - through additional focus on language development, where requested, and emotional support through transitions - which could be from Summer to Fall or from tri-cycles to T-ball.

I only wish I was eligible for daycare!"

                                                                                                                                                                                                         - S.G.

"We have been part of Montrose Child Care Centre since March 2007 when our first child entered the infant room. We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have a child care centre like this one to which we can confidently entrust our children’s well-being. We refer to the staff there as our children’s teachers because of the active role they play in teaching, guiding, nurturing and instilling a sense of community into our children. Add to that the warm hugs, soothing words and encouragement provided at any given moment and we simply cannot imagine our children thriving elsewhere as they do at Montrose. We never feel as though we’re dropping them off at a daycare; every morning we feel as though we’re leaving them in the loving hands of a highly capable family. And the children feel as though they are part of a larger extended community".

                                                                                                                                             - A. & S.S.