The Kindergarten Room

4 - 5 years

1 staff for every 13 children 

We offer a before and after care kindergarten program.  Daycare children are escorted to and from kindergarten by our staff. We have a good relationship with the school and we continuously work to ensure that the channels of communication are open. A Freedom of Information Waiver/Consent Form will be given to all kindergarten parents so that school and daycare staff can communicate about the children's physical, emotional, and social development.


Claudia (R.E.C.E.)

Claudia graduated from George Brown College in 2015. Claudia started here at Montrose by completing a student placement.  She is fluent in Polish. 

Rose (R.E.C.E.)

Rose has been working with children for 22 years since graduating from George Brown College in 1991. She has been with Montrose for 3 years. Rose loves spending time with her family. She is the eldest of 3 children. She also enjoys cooking and reading.

Weekly Program Plan Sample