Montrose Child Care Centre


Up to ten infants are the beneficiaries of four dedicated and caring staff. The babies enjoy a large, bright room with a separate sleeping area to allow individual napping times, and a play space with soft mattress flooring to encourage safe crawling explorations. Weather permitting, the babies are taken out twice daily for walks in the neighbourhood.


Up to 15 toddlers keep three staff members on their toes all the time in our toddler room. Separate areas for climbing, sensory play, snacks, outdoor play, or just cuddling with a book are all available


Up to 16 preschoolers settle into their projects under the guidance of two full-time staff. These little ones are kept busy all day with a large variety of activities that will prepare them for Kindergarten by allowing ample time to explore the world around them.

Preschool Room (2.5-4 years)

A half day (2 1⁄2 hours) kindergarten program is available in Montrose Public School for four- and five-year-old daycare children. Daycare children either remain in the same room where the schooling takes place or are escorted to and from kindergarten by our staff. We have a good relationship with the school and we continuously work to ensure that the channels of communication are open. A Freedom of Information Waiver/Consent Form will be given to all kindergarten parents so that school and daycare staff can communicate about the children's physical, emotional, and social development.

Montrose Child Care Centre also offers a program for school aged children. Instead of juggling multiple before- and after-school arrangements for their children, here parents can rely on consistent and reliable care in a place they are familiar with.

Montrose Child Care Centre is dedicated to the care and education of: