Montrose Child Care Centre

  Welcome to Montrose Child Care Centre

This is a place where children can find the nurturing, safe, and stimulating environment all parents are looking for. We are located in the same building as Montrose Public School and Delta Alternative School and enjoy wonderful family atmosphere ranging from our tiny babies to the big kids getting ready for the adventures life will bring.

Our highly qualified teachers take pride in providing an enriched program tailored specifically to each age group. We have our own chef who prepares nutritious, primarily vegetarian and delicious fresh food every day. But most importantly, the children take centre stage at Montrose, and there is no end to the love and attention they receive every day from all our staff.

Waitlist Update

Our waitlist is currently open for all rooms.   

Parent Testimonials 

"It feels great to know that my child spends his day with educators who really undersand him and nurture his development at every opportunity. He feels safe, happy and secure at Montrose and comes home proud of the things he creates, the friendships he forms and the skills he learns at daycare". 

                                                                             - L. Miller


"We have been at Montrose since 2008. For us, Montrose is more than a child care centre - it is very much like a family. All the parents and staff know one another and often stop to chat in the halls or meet up after school in the park. The staff are caring and passionate about the work and above all they truly adore the children in their care. And even though there is a school and a daycare closer to our home, we would never dream in a million years of leaving Montrose!"

                                                                          H. Ullman 



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